Our Mission
We help patients get the best mental help. Worldwide.

One in four people will suffer from mental health disorders at some point in their lives. Our marketplace and tele-consultation platform empowers patients to record their own mental health vital signs and choose the provider they trust, globally, 24/7. By eliminating the guesswork and significantly lowering the rates of misdiagnosis and therapy failure, All4Life helps you find the right guidance and support to get better.

Although we strive to help as many people as possible, our intelligence focus is to enable parents to manage the risks of child and teenage suicide. More than seven million US teens seriously considered attempting suicide in 2018. And this number continues rising each year.


My daughter is one of those seven million. Although she has since gotten better, I will never forget the anxiety and fear I felt everyday, not knowing whether she would still be there tomorrow. 

Therefore, I want to help every parent who has a child or teen with depression, cope with their emotions and find the right solution and support. Our team of seasoned experts won't stop until we make that happen.

Heiko Schmidt

CEO, All4Life Inc.

We're led by a team that constantly questions, experiments and challenges to unlock great creativity.
Katharina Schmidt
Interim CFO
Heiko Schmidt
Josef Kovacic
Kristina Schmidt
Creative Director

Welcome to All4Life.


No matter if you're suffering from depression, anxiety attacks, suicidal thoughts or other mental health problems, All4Life is committed to helping you find the practitioner and solution that is right for you.

Because psychological problems are complex and constantly developing over time, we are offering something new:


Our AI powered platform empowers you to record your own mental health vital signs to make fact based decisions. When shared with providers of your choice, this data will help lower the chance of misdiagnoses and improve long term therapy success. 

Discover and choose from thousands of mental health practitoners and the solutions they have to offer.


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Improve the quality of diagnoses and therapies by using our AI tools to record your mental health vital signs.


Our New Reality

The world is becoming more complex. There are many existential threats and an overwhelming number of personal choices to navigate through. In many people this leads to an increase in serious psychological distress and mental health disorders.


Why do tens of millions of people that are affected by mental illnesses each year not get treated?

  • Lack of access to treatment options

  • Lack of navigation through treatment options

  • Lack of available and experienced mental health professionals and coaches (CDC)

It's even worse with our children and teens. They are more depressed than any generation before, often struggling with mental health issues that go beyond suicidal thoughts. 


Between 2010 & 2015


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Even if patients happen to find their perfect counselor or solution, there is a very high chance of misdiagnoses or missed diagnoses. 


Why mental health is anyone's best guess.

Physical Health





Mental Health




There is a way to make objective data. 


Stop guessing start knowing.


8:40 AM PST

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