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In a mostly undiscovered, underdeveloped and underserved mental health market, All4Life has developed a groundbreaking new way to increase quality, accessibility and affordability of help for 1.9 billion people who suffer from mental health problems worldwide.

Doug Cole
Doug Cole

The Story

As a serial entrepreneur, engineer by trade and father of a depressed daughter with suicidal thoughts, CEO Heiko Schmidt needed to know the answer to one question: Is his daughter just thinking about taking her own life or would she actually attempt suicide?

No mental health practitioner was able to answer his question.

During his more than three year journey traversing the difficult mental heal...


The Crisis


people suffer from mental health problems worldwide

1 in 4

people get diagnosed

more than half don't get treated

of those who get treated, only 50% respond well to existing treatments 

That's only 1 in 17

people who get diagnosed and treated successfully

But why is it so difficult to help?

Mental health practitioners rely on patient Q&A to make diagnoses. However, humans lie on average 200x a day. With false or missing facts, no professional is able to “guess” the correct diagnosis or recommend treatments that work, setting patients and practitioners up for failure.

With a misdiagnosis rate of more than 70% and a poor outcome quality, mental hea...


What if we could...

  • deploy machine vision and other AI algorithms to record mental health vital signs with a cell phone camera, microphone and touch screen

  • analyze emotions via micro facial expressions, body language, speech, vocal prosody, text, social media usage etc.

  • feed this information into AI neural nets to identify patterns across millions of patients, aiding the individual patient to understand their mental health better

  • improve access to mental health practitioners worldwide and increase the affordability and availability of mental help


Game Changer

Outdated Process
Q&A with patient
Gut feeling & experience of local practitioners
High rate of misdiagnoses

Mental health currently relies on Q&A and the gut feeling of practitioners to diagnose and treat illnesses. But many patients either lie, are inaccurate or just don't reveal all the relevant facts to a practitioner. And no existing Q&A can change that.

New All4Life Process
Q&A with patient
Choice of practitioners worldwide on platform
Accurate diagnoses from hard data & experience

On the All4Life platform patients can produce a new type of clinical grade mental health data. AI tools read facial expressions, body language and behaviour, helping gauge the mental health of the individual. AI neural nets then process the data inte...


We are at the beginning of the “Consumerization of Healthcare"and Artificial Intelligence is changing the game.


There are many small and large players who are trying to provide help ranging from insurance, pharma, tech, hospitals, government etc. In this super large and underdeveloped mental health market is a lot of room for growth, competition, acquisitions and billion dollar size exits.

Investors begin to realize the opportunity and the latest statistc shows AI/Healthcare as the most desired sector for investments with the highest potential for outstanding ROI's.



​In tackling the growing mental health crisis, due to low public awareness, support and a resulting lack of funding for legislation, public and government driven solutions fall short. Many private companies have tried to close this gap and implement their solutions at a federal, state or community level, but lack one or multiple components to create a breakthrough solution.

The Intelligence Approach

The 5 big tech companies Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google use their cloud hosting AI capabilities and their existing customer base to create and analyze large sets of data to diagnose and predict. But when it comes to recording and shari...

The Connectivity Approach

Others try to improve access to licensed practitioners like Teladoc with an IPO share price of $56; $517 million funded American Well; $160.7 million funded Doctor on Demand.​ However, these companies have a general healthcare focus, handling US pati...

The Treatment Approach

Offers only symptom-based solutions for one particular problem with little evidence: $144 million funded app "Calm" offers relaxing scenery and sounds for meditation; $76.9 million funded Headspace offers mindfulness training and meditation sessions;...

The Affordability Approach

Some companies create and sell employee wellness programs to employers or health insurers as part of their general healthcare package. Although a good approach to improve the general wellbeing of patients, the solutions provided are not individually ...

We're led by a team that constantly questions, experiments and challenges to unlock great creativity.
Katharina Schmidt
Interim CFO
Heiko Schmidt
Josef Kovacic
Kristina Schmidt
Creative Director





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