Beating The Odds
What is a suicide risk assessment?

No, it's not science fiction, it's reality.

Prof. Dr. Marcel Just from the University of Pittsburgh used modern brain scanners to find the differentiator between people who think about and attempt suicide, and with modern artificial intelligence algorithms, this is more than 90% accurate.

However, it is too costly to use brain scanners for tens of thousands of children and, because depression is a progressing illness, one brain scan will NOT produce a risk assessment over time.

Our artificial intelligence experts can use cell phone cameras and other sensors to track the emotional well-being of anyone with access to a device with a camera and, as a result, will be able to help parents do better than 50/50 and start beating the odds of uncertainty of depression and suicide.

This is your first step:


What resources are available for parents?

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What resources can children and teenagers use?

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How does Tele Therapy work?

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How much do parents have to pay?

All4Life isn't charging parents.

Parents pay what psychotherapists, psychologists or pychology student volunteers are asking for. It's the same or probably less than what you would pay for an office therapy session between your child/teenager and the mental healthcare provider.

Prices are an individual decision of each individual mental healthcare provider and may vary for all sorts of reasons, including countries and currencies. Many providers also donate some of their time for no charge to help children and teenagers in need.

All4Life is enabling therapeutic tele time and charges providers 20% of their fees as a service.

In other words: If a provider decides to volunteer their time for free, we donate our services for free too. It's as simple as that.

What great resources and links do we recommend for additional help?

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