Predicting the future, so you can change it.

Heiko Schmidt is a serial entrepreneur, CEO of multiple companies, but first and foremost he is a parent. When one of his teenage daughters became depressed with suicidal thoughts, he wanted to know whether she was just talking about suicide or if she would actually take her own life.


Trying to find an answer, Heiko talked with hundreds of experts for more than two years. And then, together with his team of AI engineers, he found a solution. After months of research and planning, he created artificial intelligence company, All4Life Inc. Founded in January 2019, All4Life is a next generation AI powered digital therapeutics platform, offering individual risk assessment and personalized recommendations to predict and prevent child and teenage suicide. 

Picture this. Meteorologists combine air temperature, humidity, wind strength and other weather relevant information from sensors to predict that it will rain tomorrow at 12 pm with an 89% accuracy. Knowing this, you can choose the warmer jacket and umbrella to prepare. Now imagine if you could produce the data relevant to your child’s emotional health and know exactly when to intervene to prevent the unthinkable? You have learned to take extra caution when there’s an extreme weather warning. Similarly, an interpretation of your child’s data can let you know when your child is at an extreme risk of suicide. So you can take action before it’s too late.

When you have the data and knowledge to know when to intervene, you can help protect your child’s future and see them lead a happy life.

// Why does All4Life exist?

As the father of a depressed daughter with suicidal thoughts, I needed to know the answer to one question: Is my daughter just thinking about taking her own life or would she actually attempt suicide? //

But no specialist was able to give me an answer.




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